• Technology hobbyist, pragmatist, and generalist.
  • Experience with Powershell, Python, Node.js, Docker, SQL, GDAL, and more.
  • Usually on Windows, Debian Linux, and Docker.
  • Looking for geospatial and collaborative software development opportunities.

Technical Things

I’m an IT systems administrator and engineer by trade with 10 years in the field. During the last 3 years, I’ve picked up software development and have been learning Python, Node.js, and Powershell. I’ve also been learning about geospatial data processing and visualization, and have been working with GDAL, QGIS, Leaflet, and MaplibreGL.

I’m currently looking for a new career in the geospatial field but without a degree in it, I don’t stand much chance without a portfolio. Hopefully this blog will serve to contribute to that goal.

I’m also interested in working on open source projects, especially those related to geospatial data processing, data visualization, and data science.

Personal Things


  • Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Reading

Things That I Want To Do But Have No Time For

  • Photography
  • Learn Clarinet


Favorite Quotes

We live in an interesting time in that, materially, things are arguably better than they have ever been before, yet we all seem to be losing our minds thinking the world is one giant toilet bowl about to be flushed. An irrational sense of hopelessness is spreading across the rich, developed world. It’s a paradox of progress: the better things get, the more anxious and desperate we all seem to feel.

Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope, by Mark Manson